Meagan Scott -

Meagan Scott is a seasoned vocalist with a lifelong passion for music. 
Born & bred into the world of music surrounding her,  Meagan has embraced singing as soon as she could speak, making music an integral part of her identity, & draws inspiration from a myriad of genres.
Meagan's musical journey is a colourful one scattered with diverse influences.
From soulful rhythms & blues, rock & pop, to the soaring heights of opera, she has explored & embraced the rich world of music her life has had to offer.
Her versatile voice navigates through various styles, reflecting her deep-rooted love for all she has learnt in the last 40+years.

Meagan's musical journey has taken her across many different stages. From local small town theatres, to capital city opera companies & the sometimes intimate, but mostly loud(!) performances of live bands, where she found the heartbeat of music. 
Meagans performances are far from stagnant, with her focus on delivering the audience the best night of live entertainment with Liam Blunts.

Beyond her performances, Meagan has also shared her expertise by teaching vocals privately, nurturing the talents of aspiring singers & imparting the experience accumulated over years of musical immersion. 

Together, Meagan Scott with all the members of Liam Blunts Funky Rhythm Train invite you on a musical voyage, where rhythms roll, beats rock, feet dance & enjoyment is imminent!

Michael Braendler - Bass & Vocals

A Liam Blunts OG & the master organiser & music arranger of Liam Blunts, Michael began classical piano lessons at the age of 10 & continued for ten years with the same piano teacher, obtaining his A.Mus.A along the way. In High School he brought his first guitar & began classical guitar lessons for four years. 

Since his high school days, Michael has always played in numerous cover bands or duos. Michael has often taken on the instrument needed - bass, guitar, or keyboards. His music arranging skills have been utilised with him programming backing tracks for Hittrax of Melbourne for about 30 years & more recently in the local bands Liam Blunts Funky Rhythm Train & Sweet Buzz, both which have a four-piece horn section (complicated HUGE effort!). 

Along with Pete, Tim, Ben, Maren & Glenn, Michael is a part of the Project 365 musical family & the band You Can Cry.

Michael along with Ben, Ian, Maren, Brigid & Glenn are also members of the jazz band Sweet Buzz & he plays in the duo Timbres.
A busy man, we have no idea that there were so many hours in a day!

Michael has seen many concerts & gigs in his time, but these days has swapped the mosh pit for a chair & wine at Day on The Green & other more subdued events! 

In the early 80’s Michael saw KISS live. He was even a member of the KISS army! 

Michael enjoys the movies & to the disbelief of some, hasn't seen the complete Star Wars or Star Trek movies! 

Michaels ambition of playing bass for the Eagles, Fleetwood Mac or Hall & Oates never came to realisation, but he loves playing & performing with Liam Blunts Funky Rhythm Train!

Ian Wade -
Guitarist &
Back Up Vocals

A Liam Blunts OG, Ian began playing guitar at the age 9 & has been playing professionally for 50 years. 

Growing up in Melbourne’s eastern suburbs, Ian played in a number of local rock bands during his teenage years.  Listening to the likes of Jeff Beck, John McLaughlin, Robert Fripp & Emily Remler, Ian continued to hone his jazz, rock & fusion sounds.

Ian has worked extensively as a session musician playing all styles of music. Since completing a Diploma in Music (Jazz & Popular), Ian has taken up various teaching positions, while continuing to focus on his professional performing career. Ian has been a regular performer in the Wangaratta Festival of Jazz for many years, & has performed with well known artists such as Bob Sedergreen, Don Burrows, Adam Simmons & support for James Morrison.

He was a key member of Subito in 2004 - 2006, Jazzaratta 1998- 2017 & High Society Jazz Orchestra 2016-2017, Sweet Buzz in 2017, & The Daisies in 2022.

Ian is the member in the band that keeps us smiling - always a joke (sometimes dirty) & laugh to be had!

With Michael Braendler & others, Ian formed the long running Liam Blunts Funky Rhythm Train & Liam Blunts Jazz Quintet in 2000; two very popular Jazz, Classic Rock & Pop Bands.

And so as they say the rest is history!.

Peter Scott -
Lead Guitar

Tim Phillips -
Drums, Vocals & Backing Vocals

Tim is always guaranteed to keep the 'funk' going with Liam Blunts Funky Rhythm Train!

With a long history playing in a variety of bands, from original rock & roots acts - through to big band jazz & swing music, Tim can strip it back & play it cool, or switch on the hard rock vibes as the gig shifts gears guaranteed to get you on the dance floor . 

Tim studied Music alongside Ian and Pete many moons ago, under the guidance of Michael starting the LBFRT family roots.

Sometimes you may think your eyes are deceiving you when you see him in other bands - Tim may have a saxophone in his hands!

Not only an awesome drummer, he backs Meagan up with his vocal harmonies & belts out a couple of tunes on lead vocals himself.

Tim enjoys long walks on the beach (unlike Pete, who doesn’t like sand - somewhat like Anakin Skywalker, but without the agro…), & smashing down a coffee all too frequently.

In his spare time, Tim also dabbles in the world of music production, doing recording work for artists & producing demos, singles, EP’s & albums - preferring to do this over mowing the lawns any day!

Ben Thomas -

Ben started out in the Bairnsdale Brass Band when he was a kid before expanding into the world of music, having played in ska bands, carnival bands & swing bands.Ben is such a presence on stage when performing with Liam Blunts. With his infectious smile, usually in a bright sometimes garish shirt, & busting a move with the best of them, Ben does all this & more whilst playing the trumpet like he was born attached to it & it runs through his veins.
Also involved in the bands Project 365 'You Can Cry' & Sweet Buzz, we are so lucky Ben is always keen & ready to blow with Liam Blunts!

Maren Hazell - 

Maren comes from a musical family & has taught primary school music around her full time job as a busy mum of three for many years. Always smiling, Marens flawless dance moves on stage with Ben, Brigid & Glenn almost exceed her awesome sax playing! The life of the Liam Blunts horn line, Maren never stands still & is known to crack out the recorder & percussion when needed - or when she just wants to!
Maren is also a member of the band Project 365 - 'You Can Cry' & Sweet Buzz.

Glenn Southgate -

Glenn is a fifth generation Wangaratta lad who is an original member of the Moomba band. Glenn has toured both nationally and internationally with the Royal Australian Navy Band as a trombonist and is also a talented barber.
Often Glenn is found digging his hands & feet into the dirt, sand & lifestyle of the North Coast of NSW, but always comes back for Liam Blunts!
A kind, happy, talented man, Glenn is also a member of the band Project 365 - 'You Can Cry' & Sweet Buzz.

Brigid O'Reily -
Saxophone & Flute

Brigid began learning classical flute at the age of 7 after being previously  inspired by "Humphrey B. Bear goes to the orchestra" at age 3. Now a master at both the flute & the saxophone, Brigid bring her professional, poised self to the party.
Often seen in the horn line grooving & playing with Maren, Ben & Glenn, we are so lucky to have Brigid as past of the Liam Blunts family.
Brigid is also a member of the band Sweet Buzz.